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The Stadtsparkasse is the largest bank in Mönchengladbach

It was founded in 1853, and on January 1, 1976, merged with two formerly independent banks, the Stadtsparkasse Rheydt and the Gemeindesparkasse Wickrath.


Fast and safe:

If you have access to a computer with an internet connection, sign up for Online-Banking and you´ll be able to manage your money when it suits you. It only requires a PIN and a ChipCardReader to create TAN´s. Simply apply and get your account released for Online-Banking.

  • Manage your money online 24 hours a day, 365 days a year
  • Enjoy flexibility. You can still use branches and cash machines
  • Save time. You don´t need to queue at a branch
  • Take control. Pay bills and check statements instantly
  • In addition, you can buy and sell shares online whenever the markets are open.

Basic rules for secure Online-Banking: Your online banking service is secure. As long as you navigate with prudence and take the necessary precautions.

By all means, do the following:

  • Update your software regularly, especially your operating system, Internet browser, virus scanner and firewall.
  • Whenever a new version of your Internet browser is installed, activate its security settings.
  • Handle your access information with diligence (especially PIN and TAN).
  • Ignore e-mails prompting you to open banking pages.
  • Enter your access data only into the login screen for online banking you are familiar with.
  • Check the validity of the banking address each and every time and pay attention to the encoding.
  • Perform a proper logout after each session.

Protest yourself from criminal predators:

Lately, criminal attempts to get a hold of bank customer account information are on the rise. To this end, e-mails are being sent requesting Internet users provide their personal customer data, such as username, account number, PIN and TAN, in a form.

These forms look cunningly real and identical to those generated by financial institutions. This kind of fraudulent attempt to get access to data is called “phishing”, a term created from the words “password” and “fishing”. Moreover, customers receive phone calls and are asked to confirm online banking information by providing their PIN and TAN. The caller claims to be an employee of the financial institution.

How can you recognize phishing?

Our staff members will never ask you to reveal your access data, PIN or TAN – neither in person, nor on the phone, nor via e-mail. If you get a call or an e-mail with this kind of request, ignore it. Do not activate links in the respective e-mails that prompt you to open web pages and enter customer data under any circumstances; unless they absolutely and positively originate from your Sparkasse.

How can you protect yourself against phishing?

Mindfulness is key in protecting yourself from phishers. Never enter personal data, such as your credit card number, PIN for your Sparkassen-Card or your online banking access information into websites when prompted to do so. Do not reveal confidential data, such as your PIN and TAN under any circumstances when asked on the phone or even face to face.

Only a PIN, in conjunction with your username, is required to log in to your online banking services. No other data is required for online banking login.

A TAN is required within the online banking system only to process an order, such as a bank transfer or an ongoing electronic withdrawal. Outside of online banking, you will never have to use your TAN.

contact person: Tanja Schomberg
adress: Rheindahlen Branch
Mühlentorplatz 1 - 9
41179 Mönchengladbach
telephone: 02161/279-2039
E-Mail: tanja.schomberg@sskmg.de